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Live in Vehicle Terms and Conditions

1. Your vehicle must fit in the allocated space, otherwise you will be asked to pay for an



2. All general festival rules apply to the live in vehicle field area and must be adhered to at

all times; this includes Kaboodle ticket terms and conditions, Noisily terms and conditions of entry, alcohol limits, prohibited items, entry times etc.


3. Festival management may, at any time, request to change the design or layout of the area, i.e. in hot weather, remove cooking facilities or unsafe awnings, fittings etc.


4. Vans deemed not classed as campervans, i.e. without a permanent bed, a fixed or semi removable table, suitable and safe cooking equipment, fresh and waste water storage facilities etc. will not be admitted into the campervan area.


5. In the interest of protecting the safety of all attendees, all safety related requests made by the Festival Management must be followed. They are all geared toward providing the safest experience for everyone at the festival. Those who decide to repeatedly disrespect such requests, and put others in danger, may be asked to leave the site. In this instance no refund will be given.


6. Tents for sleeping in CANNOT be erected next to campervans or caravans, or

anywhere else within the allocated pitch. A small tent may be used for storage; and our security will do a sweep of the campsite at regular intervals to control any misuse. Anyone

breaking this rule will be asked to take the tent down immediately, and if they fail to do

so our security may have to lend a helping hand and take it down, returning it to you at

the end of the weekend.


7. Cooking appliances that are safely fitted inside motorhomes / caravans may be used. Portable cooking equipment cannot be brought to site and will be confiscated.


8. Purpose-built awnings may be used but must not extend over the allocated pitch.


9. Generators are absolutely not permitted on site, please do not bring them with you.


10. Sound systems are not permitted on site and will be confiscated.


11. Glass is not permitted on site, please do not bring it.