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Earthed | Mind Body Soul 

Noisily is excited to announce that the nature skills platform, Earthed, will be hosting a tent in Mind Body Soul this year to bring you earth-based practices and skills for restoring your local environment, whether that's soil, composting, landscapes, farming or rivers. 

This space is being curated with partners Primal Gathering and Nowadays on Earth. This is a collaborative space – join them to learn how to be ecological citizens! 

Through our partnership with the Earthed charity, all Noisily festival goers now have FREE ACCESS to the hundreds of practical video classes on their platform - So now you can take your learnings and visions from the festival and put them into practice in your daily life! 

Highlights at Earthed Tent at Noisily:

  • Nature Guardianship: Why it's important and you can do it - Paul Powlesland

  • Reconnecting with the Land as Racialised Beings - Liba Ravindran

  • Soil Skills & Science - The Magic Beneath our Feet - Michael Kennard

  • Nature’s Playground - Ben Tunnicliffe

Head over to to join the community learning to grow 🌱

Mind Body Soul

The Noisily App is LIVE

June 19 2024

Introducing our brand new app for all of your 360 Noisily needs.

Download NOW for your chance to WIN a boutique tent experience, a £100 bar tab, and gain access to plenty more perks…

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Brand new venues in Mind, Body, Soul area..

June 10 2024


Here, you can learn skills from our nature teachers, celebrate traditional knowledge and those who hold it and take part in community activities across many topics and terrains. Learn nature skills including composting, nature guardianship, river restoration, foraging, regenerative leadership, cultivating mushrooms and more!

Fox & Badge

F&B are known for their high octane London events and performances. At Noisily they bring you an immersive kink dome which will house all house all things playful;  tricksters, nature shibari, seduction and mummification.

Hello Sunshine Sauna

A unique and immersive sauna experience that goes beyond relaxation, promoting personal growth, intimate conversations, and a deeper connection to oneself  and others. Buy a pass for your daily sauna or participate in one of the workshops including Sauna Ceremonies, Wim Hof Method Ice bathing and Naked Yoga.

Hypnosis Lounge

A tranquil and peaceful environment where you can sit back, slip of a pair of headphones and come on a journey of positive healing and transformation. Drop in any time and enjoy!

Once In a Blue Moon Cafe

A returning favourite. MBS’ 24 hour food & drink, arts, music and cosy wellbeing space hosting arts workshops, a slam poetry event, incredible DJs and live acts.

Da a Luz

Europe’s post modern midwifery school! Enter through a beautiful  birth portal and experience  a warrior women workshop, share birth stories,  and learn womb self massage.

Ushti Kushti Lounge

A place for sharing all forms of art and expression showcasing live music performances, cacao ceremonies, sound healing, meditation and movement.

Red Tent

A space to rediscover connection to the sacred feminine, to our cycles  and drop into wombs consciousness. Holding daily circles and space for connection. Welcome to all. 

Root of the Gods

Representing the womb of the earth, a Temazcal is a purification ceremony; for relieving stress, cleansing toxins from the body, releasing negativity and revitalising life force.  Also offering drum birthing, hape and cacao  ceremonies. 


Improve your circus arts skills with jugging, diabolo, aerial and slacklines.


Offering Virtual Reality nature immersion experiences, playing films and contributing to a panel on Nature restoration.


A sober space hosting 12step meetings, providing an invaluable resource for those contemplating recovery, friends and family of those in recovery and anyone sober curious!

Browse through the all venues and their workshops here.

Any classes that must be booked in advance will display a link in the description.

Stay curious!


Mind Body Soul | Unmissable experiences

June 19 2024

Introducing our brand new app for all of your 360 Noisily needs.

Download NOW for your chance to WIN a boutique tent experience, a £100 bar tab, and gain access to plenty more perks…

🎶 Full lineups & schedules

🗺️ Festival map at your fingertips

🕒 Personalised timetable

🎟️ Access to super early bird tickets with HUGE discounts on 2025 tickets


Mind Body Soul | Unmissable experiences

June 4 2024

Dear Noisily Family,

Noisily is more than a festival, it’s a transformational experience. 

With our theme ‘We Are Change’ we know you will burst wide open and return home feeling reborn.

Here are our top for UNMISSABLE transformational experiences at Mind Body and Soul 2024. 

These require pre-booking, so sign up now!

mind body soul

Mind Body Soul | Now Live

May 17 2024

Dear Noisily family,

As we count down the sleeps to our Noisily reunion, much magic is gathering in our Mind Body Soul area.✨

Inspired by our ‘We are Change‘ theme, we have a plethora of offerings woven into our weekend delights!

For the line-up of what’s on in each venue please click here

With many more offerings to be announced – watch this space!

See you in the woods!!

Noisily HQ x

mind body soul

Mind Body Soul | Now Live

April 3 2024

As we weave together the many threads for Mind Body Soul 2024, we are yet again spoilt for choice with so many wonderful applications; thank you all! This year we celebrate change, as both a surrender into cycle & flow, & a call to action; a remembering of our agency & power. Sharing the full theme below in anticipation for the magic, connection & many seeds of inspiration that await us in the woods – 

As the world evolves at pace around us, often in ways that feel out of our integrity & control, we can forget that we are part of this change; that it is our united constant & that we have agency in creating the present & future we want to be part of.

The smallest pebble ripples through a lake; dandelion seeds release in the breeze to settle far & wide: mama nature’s reminder of the power we hold in being & creating change. Life offers ever-evolving cycles of opportunity, growth & connection; sparking love, learnings, unlearnings & adventure. Rooted in our bodies & within our beautiful Earth’s ecosystem, the smallest whispers dance through this web of love & life. Our breath & action give them fire: we are at once accountable for ourselves & part of something so much greater, the infinite spirals of the universe. 

This year at Noisily we celebrate change: its courage, commitment, gifts & invitations. We come together in our beautiful, growing community to empower each other, connecting our hearts through music, movement, creativity, ceremony, ritual, discussion, exploration & so much more. We commit to being open & curious, & to sharing these transformative experiences into our outside world; taking ownership of our ripples & calling in our tribes. Together we reclaim change as a state of being, from which all is birthed; we remember our power. 

We are change. 

mind body soul

2024 Main Stage Line-up

March 14 2024

Dearest Noisily family,

We are excited to release the full main stage line up for Noisily 2024! Never have we presented such a dynamic range of artists across our 3 main stages with so many highlights it’s impossible to elaborate on them all in this mailer – We’ll let the music do the talking.

Noisily’s identity lies in its full spectrum electronic music offering, it is something that we take a lot of pride in – drawing in artists from the underground and overground electronic music scenes. Our 2024 program is no different as we delve into an awe-inspiring array of electronic music from all corners of the World. We can’t wait to immerse ourselves into the beats and treats come July – Deep in our home of Barkestone Woods.

Phase 5 tickets on sale now.

Team Noisily x