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We want the event to be accessible to everyone, if you feel you need help because of something we have not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We aim to treat every enquiry with dignity and respect, and at all times treat your personal information with confidentiality.

The accessibility facilities are intended for the use of those with long-term and permanent disabilities, those that are d/deaf and/or neurodivergent. Unfortunately, on this occasion those with short-term injuries, recent procedures and pregnancies do not qualify.

Site description:

  • The terrain is flat grassland or woodland paths
  • The distance from the carpark to the accessible campsite is 457m.
  • The distances from the campsite to the MBS 143m.
  • The distance from the campsite to the furthest stage is 1km. 
  • The campsite is located close to the car park. It is 1km to accessible camping. 
  • The access area has its own facilities and is close to the medics should you need to store medication there.


  • There will be dedicated accessible showers, toilets and campsite. 
  • We have an accessibility manager and team for you to be able to have as your point of contact to address any needs or concerns. 
  • Accessibility pack and map, these will be sent out to those who have applied and made downloadable on the accessibility page.
  • PA Tickets

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