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Frequently Asked Questions

Find all you'll need to know about Noisily 2024

Hello and welcome to the Noisily FAQs page.

Here we answer the questions we get asked most. As questions are asked more frequently, we will add them here. For information regarding specific areas of the event, please visit the correlating pages via the info section on our website.

Noisily Essentials

  • Your stomping shoes – proper ones!
  • A tent – please try to buy one that lasts instead of cheaper, more “disposable” one, as these are typically non-recyclable and end up in a landfill.
  • A sleeping bag – it can get a little cold at night so make sure you have one that will keep you warm in lower temperatures.
  • Some money and back up cash card in case you lose your main one!
  • Wellies – as with most festivals if it rains you’ll need a pair to keep your stomping feet dry.
  • Warm clothes for partying at nighttime.
  • A waterproof jacket.
  • Sun glasses & suncream.
  • A torch & batteries.
  • Condoms, a cap, toothbrush & toothpaste.
  • Good vibes and an open mind!
  • Alcohol in quantities exceeding those permitted upon entry: 8 cans of cider, beer or mixers, or up to 2 bottles of wine. No glass may be brought to site so alcohol brought to site must be decanted in non-glass containers. Glass bottles will be confiscated and not returned.
  • All gas canisters of any size, unless it is fitted in your motorhome. 
  • Any goods for unauthorised / unofficial trading
  • Any items which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon
  • Camping stoves
  • Chinese lanterns
  • Drones
  • Disposable charcoal barbecues
  • Fireworks and Flares 
  • Glass 
  • Generators
  • Illegal drugs including, but not limited to, “legal” highs, research chemicals, NPS, poppers, nitrous oxide and prescription drugs in excessive quantities / without valid prescription.
  • Sound systems (other than small portable speakers)

How to get here?

Sadly this year we have been unable to secure a coach service due to the increasing costs and low volume of bookings in 2023. We encourage those who were hoping to travel by bus to look into train travel or car sharing options as these will be a lot more cost effective. 

We hope to be able to work with coach providers for our 2025 edition.

All ticket buyers will be sent the exact festival location and clear driving instructions with their ticket info pack. We created a carefully planned route to make your journey as direct as possible, and to minimise the impact of the festival on the local community. It is imperative that drivers follow the festival road signs and do not use a sat nav when off the major trunk roads.

The site is around 2.5 hours drive from London and half an hour from Leicester.

 Parking will be available. This year again, all cars will be subject to a compulsory car parking fee of £20. A part of these funds will go towards carbon offsetting projects. Please car-share with each other. Please book your space as early as possible. 

Being dropped off or picked up

We have a dedicated drop off and pick up point near the entrance, follow the signs and instructions from traffic marshals. Cars dropping off or collecting passengers will not be subject to the car parking fee. Do not attempt to be dropped off outside the festival gate.

Blue Badge Holders

There are car parking spaces reserved for Blue Badge holders, close to the entrance of the festival. If you have other accessibility requirements, please consult the accessibility page

You will be able to park your bike at the entrance of festival, near the gate. Bicycles are parked at the owner’s risk.

Staying Off Site

If you are planning to stay off site there are plenty of small country hotels in the surrounding villages, not to mention Air BnB. However, if you do plan to stay off site, please pay close attention to the gate opening hours which can be found on the FAQ’s page. 

If you are driving your own car to and from the site we will give you a receipt so you do not have to pay the £20 Carbon Tax more than once.

Yes, you can, however it is a lot more practical to camp onsite – If you chose to stay off site, please make sure you read the info pack sent out with your tickets; it will contain information about where to park and when you can come back in.  Please note there is no local public transport to and from the site. If you are planning to drink, you will need to use taxis. Contact details for local taxi companies will be sent with your ticket info pack.

The easiest and greenest way to reach us is to hop on the train to Grantham, which only takes one hour to reach from London Kings Cross. If you’re planning on using this train in rush hour we’d strongly advise booking in advance as these fares can shoot up. From there, it is a short 15 minute cab journey to the festival site.

We are working with local taxi companies to provide you with the best service to and from the station. The companies to contact to make your booking are:

Grantham taxis: 01476 594594

Auto Cabs: 01476 575557

We have ample space for you and your friends. Camping in a tent is included with your festival ticket.

General / Festival Info

We are an electronic music festival and cover all flavours: Techno, Psytrance, Drum and Bass, Glitch Hop, House, Disco, Desert Techno, Medicinal House, Slo Mo, Jungle, Jump Up and everything in between.

Set in the rolling hills of the Leicestershire countryside in Barkestone Woods, 10 minutes from Grantham. Ticket buyers will be sent the address along with specific transport and driving directions with their tickets. To minimise the impact on the local area, it is imperative that everyone follows these instructions carefully.

Our new site is located in a beautiful area consisting of open farmland and woods. It is a lot flatter than our previous site, which will make it easier to get around. However, make sure you come equipped and bring good shoes.  

The site is equipped with existing hard standing tracks and we have constructed a lot of new paths to circulate around the woods. If you have specific accessibility requirements, you can find more information on our accessibility info here.

We cannot wait to unveil what we have created; we think you will love it!

The campsites will open from around 14:00. The Mind Body Soul area will be open from 4pm, with activities continuing until 10pm and an opening party going on until 4am that night.

The main arena will open around 10am for MBS programming.

Music will start on the stages at 12pm on Friday 7th July, and don’t miss our opening ceremony starting beforehand in the Mind Body Soul area.

Yes, you can, however it is a lot more practical to camp onsite – If you chose to stay off site, please make sure you read the info pack sent out with your tickets; it will contain information about where to park and when you can come back in.  Please note there is no local public transport to and from the site. If you are planning to drink, you will need to use taxis. Contact details for local taxi companies will be sent with your ticket info pack.

Although we love animals as much as you might, they are not allowed on site. If you have a guide dog, let us know on our access application when you apply.

The safety and welfare of everyone onsite is our number one priority. When it comes to drinking alcohol, we want you to do it responsibly.

You must be over 18 years old to attend Noisily and there will be ID checks at the gate. We operate a Challenge 25 at the gate and at all bars. If you’re lucky to look under 25, you will be asked to present a valid form of ID so please ensure you take one with you.

Do not overstep your limit. It is illegal for bar staff to serve alcohol to someone who is drunk so if you have had a few too many, you will be refused to be served alcohol. 

You are allowed to bring your own alcoholic drinks to Noisily in the following quantities: up to 8 cans of cider, beer or mixers, or up to 2 bottles of wine. Please try to buy your wine in tetra pack cartons or recyclable plastic bottles. Glass is strictly prohibited onsite. If you bring alcohol in glass bottles these may be confiscated so ensure you decant then into non-glass containers before coming to site. Excess alcohol will be confiscated at the gates or if found in the campsites.

Noisily has a zero tolerance policy to drugs including: “legal” highs, research chemicals, NPS, poppers, nitrous oxide and the misuse of prescription drugs. We search our ticket holders on arrival at the festival. Should you be found with either a controlled substance or herbal or legal high at the point of entry, you will be denied entry and handed over to the Police. 

Should you be found within the festival site with either a controlled substance or legal high you will be evicted and may be arrested. We provide drug amnesty boxes at the entrance of the festival, should you wish to safely dispose of any prohibited items before you enter the festival.

Noisily also supports a harm reduction approach, and as such our medical and welfare teams employ staff who specialise in drug harm reduction. If you have any drug related issues on site, please head to our Welfare or Medical Tents, or speak to a member of the security team.

Yes, there are cash machines on site in the main arena, and all of our bars accept cards.

There will be lots of delicious cold drinks on the site to refresh you after a good hard dance amongst the trees. We keep the price down as much as possible, as we also get annoyed by high drinks prices.

In order to do this though we need to limit the amount of alcohol that you bring in with you to the site (see below). Bar sales form an essential part of being able to put on the party and without them, we’ll struggle to put it on again next year!

Prices are from £4 upwards.

We love food at Noisily, and we are working to get you some of the most delicious festival sustenance out there. Nobody likes the dry piece of meat between two pieces of stale bread that some festivals seem to think is acceptable, so we search far and wide for the most delicious and dance-fuelling food around. We promise that you won’t be disappointed when it comes to your breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner time or midnight feast…

Yes you are welcome to bring your own food, please be mindful and avoid bringing food that has plastic packaging

We’re afraid not. No gas stoves or BBQs will be permitted in the tent camp site. Campervan owners with built in cookers may use them in the safety of their mobile homes. Fear not though, food is very affordable on site, and even more delicious!

Yes, we will provide a communal cooking area. Please bring your own pots and pans, we will provide the rest, and remember, NO single use plastic please!

Applications are now closed for 2024.

Keeping Safe / Wellbeing

  • Noisily takes place on uneven farmland and woods, with dirt tracks and trackway. Take care, especially at night. Sturdy walking shoes are a good idea – as is a torch after dark.

  • Bring the right gear with you. Even if the forecast is for glorious weather, take some waterproofs. It’s the UK after all!

  • Remember to keep good hygiene and avoid infections. Wash your hands regularly. Make sure you use the water points, whilst hand washing and sanitising stations are located at the toilet blocks and throughout the site.

  • Things look different at night. Learn the layout of the site so you can find toilets, water etc. easily after sunset. If you are worried you might not be able to find your tent then take a picture of the area and any noticeable landmarks to help you along the way.

  • Meet your neighbours in the campsite, make friends with them. Look out for each other and each other’s stuff during the festival. If you spot any shifty behaviour, sound the alarm immediately. 

  • Ensure that you know where your friends are, especially at night.

  • Get some sleep; if you’re having an amazing time right now, remember to go to bed at some point so you can do it all again the following day!

  • If you are on prescribed medication, ensure you take enough with you to last the entire festival. Be mindful of how these medications could interact with alcohol. 

  • Serious sunstroke, sunburn or cancer can be caused by the sun on unprotected skin – wear a high factor sun cream, bring a hat and cover up.

  • Keep well fed and hydrated, drink plenty of water (drinking water is available from all taps).

  • Prolonged exposure to high volume noise can cause severe hearing damage. Wear ear plugs and make sure to give your ears a rest regularly.

  • When parking, be considerate of others and ensure you are not causing an obstruction – otherwise your vehicle will be moved.

  • Please don’t climb trees! It is dangerous and you may damage them.

  • Please don’t dig holes. After the festival, the site is home to cattle and animals.

  • Give any security, site services or emergency vehicles plenty of space to pass.

  • Do not camp in the fire lanes! Your tent will be moved if it’s found to be obstructing them.

The Welfare Tent is operated by Psycare. It is situated in the main campsite next to the campsite traders and Medics. It provides experienced, caring and confidential help for all kinds of practical and personal problems, as well as offers general assistance and advice, counselling and help for distressed / missing people.

Ask for help if you or your friends become unwell immediately.

Noisily is a very peaceful festival, however inevitably some people will try and spoil it for us. The relaxed atmosphere can offer an easy target for criminals. Tent theft can be really distressing and seriously put a downer on your festival experience. We have experienced security teams patrolling and monitoring the site 24 hours a day. However there is plenty you can do as well. If you think you have been the victim of crime or theft please report this to the nearest member of staff or at the Welfare Tent or Information Point. 


Here a few precautions to take:


  • Car Theft:  Don’t leave anything visible in your car. This could encourage thieves to take a chance and smash a window. Take everything out of your glove compartment and leave it empty and open. Ensure your car is locked.

  • Valuables: Only bring the essentials with you, any valuables that you don’t need are best left at home. Mark your possessions with your name and postcode. Ensure you register your expensive gadgets with the UK National Property Register. This free service will help the police return your items to you if they are recovered. Carry valuables securely on you, ideally in a zipped pocket, bum bag or similar. Never leave bags unattended. Put your phone number onto your keys so if you lose them and they are returned we can contact you. Report lost property to our Information Point in the Mind Body Soul area.

  • Tent Theft: Don’t leave valuables in your tent. Tents are impossible to make secure even if they’re zipped. Move anything of worth away from your tent door as you sleep. Don’t put a padlock on your tent as this indicates there are valuables inside.

  • Money / Bank Cards: Don’t carry more money than you need to, you can get cash onsite if you need extra (a small charge will apply). All our bars, caterers and most traders accept card payments. Only bring the bank cards that you need with you. Make a note of the assistance phone numbers to make cancellation easier if they do go missing.

  • Phones / Tablets: Keep your phone well hidden when you are not using it. Keep a record of your phone’s unique IMEI number. You can find it by keying in *#06# on your keypad. This number will help the Police trace ownership quickly. Make use of your phone’s security lock or pin number. All Apple devices include an app that can keep track of its whereabouts should it go missing. It can remotely lock your device, display messages, play an alert sound (even if the device is on silent) or even erase all of your personal data at your request. The app needs to be enabled and set up in advance, so look out for the ‘Find My’ app icon on your device to get started. If using an Android phone, download the ‘AntiDroid theft’ app for free before you arrive. It has features such as GPS tracking, email alerts if the SIM card or number is changed, and even allows you to view the photos taken should your phone go missing. The app is available to download from the Google Play Store.

Save some contacts on your phone as “ICE-*name* “ (In Case of Emergency followed by the name of the person) will help us to get your mobile back to you or contact your next of kin in an emergency.

We want everyone to be safe and feel safe at Noisily, and this includes sexual safety.

If you find your soul’s counterpart in another, please take your precautions. If you have unprotected sex, there is a risk you could catch a sexually transmitted infection. Come prepared. If you have unprotected sex, make sure you visit your local sexual health service as soon as possible.


Making advances to someone without their consent, whether these are physical or verbal, will not be tolerated. Noisily has a zero-tolerance policy towards any forms of sexual harassment and violence. Consent means the person is sending all the signals, physical and emotional that they want to take part. You should never feel pressured into taking part in something you are not comfortable with and you have the right to say no, and change your mind.   


If you have been a victim of sexual abuse or if you want to talk to someone about an experience you had, please head to the Welfare Tent.

If you do become a victim of crime, if you see a crime happening or if you see anything suspicious, please report the issue as soon as you can to a member of staff. Try to speak to a member of staff rather than posting messages on social networking platforms; we will be able to react quicker if you speak to someone. Our phone lines and email inboxes will be staffed 24/7 during the festival. 


The quicker you report it, the more chances we have of catching them. 


If anyone you don’t know comes into your tent, even if they say they are lost, please tell our staff immediately. Thieves often use this excuse when they enter a tent to steal but find people inside. If they are genuinely lost our staff will be able to help them find their tent.


If you are reporting the theft of a mobile phone, you will be required to first contact your network provider and have the handset blocked if you cannot do this remotely. This will ensure that its use will be blocked across all UK networks even if the SIM card is changed, and will make it useless to the thief. 


A list of contact numbers for UK network providers will be available at the Information Point.

Before reporting it, visit the Information Point, they run the festival’s lost property service; it may have been handed in.

Noisily has a zero tolerance policy towards drugs including: “legal” highs / research chemicals / NPS / poppers / nitrous oxide and the misuse of prescription drugs. We search on arrival to the festival. 


Should you be found with either a controlled substance or herbal or “legal high” at the entrance, you will be denied entry and may be handed over to the Police. 

Should you be found within the festival site with either a controlled substance or “legal high” you will be ejected and may be handed over to the Police. We provide drug amnesty boxes at the entrance of the festival, should you wish to safely and legally dispose of any prohibited items before you enter the site.


Noisily also supports a harm reduction approach, and as such our medical and welfare teams employ staff who specialise in drug harm reduction. If you have any drug related issues on site, please head to the Welfare or Medical Tent, or speak to a member of the security team


  • Mental Health, Support and Care: Mind
  • Honest Information about Drugs: Frank
  • Harm Reduction Advice and Information about drugs: The Loop
  • Information about the effects of alcohol on life and lifestyle: Be Drink Aware
  • Confidential sexual health and wellbeing experts: Brook
  • Information and helpline for victims of sexual abuse and rape: Support Line
  • Listening service for LGBT+ people: Switchboard
  • Support and information for crime victims: Victim Support Line


The Noisily Festival Terms and Conditions of Entry can be found here.

Same as before a Standard pitch is 5m x 5m at £80 and a Large pitch is 5m x 10m at £100.

See our ticket T&C’s policy here

Local tickets are £100 as usual. As usual it is only people in the local vicinity of the festival that qualify for these tickets. These are available here.

You can check on your tickets by logging into your Kaboodle account, or checking your emails.

Please contact Ticketmaster.


o    The festival team used only 100% Paraben and SLS free washing up liquid, kitchen cleaner and personal care products such as shampoo and soap in all areas of site including the showers. Traders were asked to do the same, and were inspected on site before opening the arena.

o    Compost toilets across site, chemical and water free.

o    All human waste is made into compost for improving soil conditions. This happens at our compost loo’s suppliers facility, off site.

o    A litter bond was enforced on food traders, encouraging them to leave post event with their pitch spotless.

o    We partnered with Go Car Share again to encourage festival guests to share their journeys with each other, making new friends, and reducing carbon emissions all in one.

o    Crew ride sharing.

o    Encouraged the use of trains and taxi sharing to get to the festival.

o    Tracked crew mileage on our crew system, with the intention of using this data to compare to future years and reduce / rideshare where possible, setting realistic goals in the process.

o    Introduced a mandatory £20 car parking fee at the festival gate for the fourth year running, for all cars arriving. Designed to encourage car sharing, and to raise funds to maintain the site and natural environment of Barkestone Woods. We are also working with the woodland trust to offset the whole event on the festival site in the beautiful woodlands.

This year was the sixth Noisily has worked with Enva, the East Midlands’ leading resource management and recycling company, who have a “zero waste to landfill” commitment which they are working towards with extreme efficiency.

Plans for 2024

Beyond ensuring we strive towards our target to recycle 100% of the waste generated at the event, we realise how important it is to reduce the amount of waste we are having to recycle in the first place, and most importantly change people’s behavioural patterns and the way we live and exist in our day to day lives.


We are designing the most efficient power set up for the festival. This is by using “power farms” which use a series of generators to only use the right amount of power so that we are not wasting the surplus. This makes the event far more fuel-efficient and means that we have less emissions to offset at the end of the festival.


How people travel to the festival is one of the largest contributors of carbon that stems from organising events like Noisily.That is why we like to suggest people arrive by public transport or car share as much as possible. 

Our car parking remains at £20, and following in the footsteps of some of the greenest events out there, applies to ALL VEHICLES driving to the festival. A big proportion of these funds will go towards carbon offsetting through our looking after the woods initiative. 

More details on all the above can be found on our Travel page here.

Stay tuned for more upcoming sustainability news.

The Noisily Team xxx


Yes, we have implemented various measures to make the site more accessible, please visit the Accessibility Info Pages here for details. 

Our deadline for PA tickets is now closed.

We are no longer accepting applications for PA tickets.

Please contact if you are still waiting to hear.

An Accessibility pack and map will be sent out to those who have applied

It is not far from the campervan field to the other areas of the festival.