The Coney Woods provide the stunning backdrop to Noisily Festival of Music & Arts, a site widely regarded as one of the most beautiful in the country, situated deep in a valley at the heart of rural England in Leicestershire.

Many different species of flora and fauna live within the woods, and as guardians of the site it is up to us to ensure the maintenance of the local area throughout the year as we both prepare and clear away the festival.

Where some events reach site a fortnight before they open to commence building in the middle of large open field, we pay visits to Noseley Hall every six to eight weeks throughout the year to clear and cultivate the forest floor, remove spreading weeds and creeping vines which suffocate the growth of the canopy, and walk through marking trees which are dead a subsequently a hazard to our guests in July, and the 150 strong team whom descend on the woods at the end of June each year.


Beyond the woods we realise the need to address the bigger picture of global warming, climate change, our effect on the surrounding communities and the importance of setting an example amongst the smaller festival events, such as ourselves, popping up across the country.

Recycling, Renewables, Carbon Offsets & Poo

In our quest to make Noisily a truly sustainable event we employ a number of tactics to reduce waste output, recycle that which we generate, generate power using renewable sources, and plan for the future after we have gone. Yes, sadly we won’t be around forever!

Loowatt – poo into power!

Loowatt is pioneering innovation in sustainable sanitation technology. Their toilets are odourless, chemical-free, and energy-generating thanks to patented technology developed right here in the UK. A biodegradable polymer film ‘flushes’ through the toilet, providing a fresh, clean toilet bowl for every use.  They also use the same core technology to build toilets in Madagascar for communities that need sanitation.

Their London-based startup has been featured in a variety of news publications, including the BBC, Wired, The New York Times, and The Guardian.

 Come experience Loowatt loos for yourself! Early bird wristbands are on sale now!


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