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Nosily festival offers an alternative to mainstream festival culture...

Mind, Body & Soul

Get involved in the evolution of the mind, body & soul healing area...


At Noisily we take pride in curating a complete festival experience...


Art has always played a intrinsic part in the festival...

Boutique Camping

The crowd at Noisily is a diverse one, with ages and even eras ...


Many different species of flora and fauna live within the woods...

Ethos & Vibes

Noisily doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither do the 4,000 people who descend on The Coney Woods each July. It’s fun in all its forms, pure and unadulterated. Offering an alternative to mainstream festival culture, an inclusive haven where underground music thrives and self expression flourishes.

Whilst rooted in the electronic music scenes, Noisily is a holistic environment which feeds the mind, body and soul. It’s a celebration of psychedelic culture in a society which is increasingly looking within for happiness and fulfilment, and away from material goods and money as the definition of success.

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