Mind, Body & Soul

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The Mind Body Soul area is the gateway to Noisily and the cornerstone of our ethos. Providing a space for like minded people to engage with a wealth of holistic practices and teachings, and be part of the party whilst away from the dance floors in the belly of the woods.

It’s a space for smiles and laughter, for connecting with strangers and friends, and for playing and engaging with the beautiful people that come to the festival.

2017 saw the evolution of the Mind Body Soul take a new form, as the whole festival site flipped on its head. A welcome change and one that gave rightful standing to the newest and most exciting addition to Noisily.

The program expanded considerably to include a wealth of talks on psychedelic culture, the environment, and everything in between.

Kambo came to woods for the first time, along with a full line up of yoga instructors who taught throughout the weekend.

Saturday banquets fed the masses in our woodland restaurant, whilst beyond wood fired hot tubs bubbled amongst the trees next to a hidden art gallery.

Massaura Bliss our in house masseurs rubbed and soothed droves of dance weary ravers, whilst next door Kosmicare provided welfare to those who had aimed for the sky and landed amongst the stars.

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