Boutique Camping


As the festival has evolved, so has the demand for diversity in our boutique offering. In light of an event which offers so much for the senses, opportunity to rest and truly relax is just as important as all the other elements which make Noisily Festival so complete.

You will notice that our prices have gone up a little for 2017, and we want to be perfectly clear why this has happened. It is not in order to squeeze your wallets and purses, rather to provide a level of service and infrastructure that honours your investment.

Last year there were tents, glorious, wonderful tents. BUT, that was it.

In 2017 boutique will be in it’s own space, complete with…

  • Free showers
  • Luxury loos
  • Running water
  • 24h reception
  • A bedouin tent with beautification appliances for those boys and girls who need to crimp or straighten.  
  • A cafe so you can roll out of bed and get yourself breakfast before heading back into the breach!


Our Suppliers…

Portobello Tents –

The byword in luxury, Portobello Tents’ stunning V.I.P Lotus Belle Tents embodies the true essence of what boutique camping should be.

Hardwood beds, memory foam mattresses, 300 thread count Egyptian Cotton and 13 tog duvets come as standard, with an array of extras included as well.

Expect magazines, cushions, tables and chairs, additional rugs for those cold festival nights; with slippers, dressing gowns and the all important sustainably source toiletry hamper to start your day before heading to the dance floors, or to your morning yoga session.

Portobello Tents will only be providing V.I.P Lotus Bells this year, and not bell tents as in 2016.


Lotus Belle for 2 or 4 people – 

  • Hardwood beds with memory foam mattresses
  • 13.5 tog duvet and pillows
  • 200 thread count linen
  • bedside tables and lights
  • vanity mirror
  • tables and chairs
  • blanket box
  • clothes rail

*** Additional option to book electricity during check out, £50 per tent.

VIP Lotus Belle for 2 or 4 people – 

As above but also including:

  • Eye masks and ear plugs
  • Led lanterns
  • Led chandelier
  • Flowers
  • Toiletry hamper
  • Towels
  • Dressing gowns
  • Cushions
  • Torch
  • Electricity

Prices Start at £830 for 2 people



Green Yurts –

With us from day one, Al and Phil provide their beautifully hand crafted yurts in a variety of sizes, built in the belly of their Essex workshop.

Dressed in Tibetan rugs and draping, along with inflatable mattresses and a variety of interiors, look no further for true boutique authenticity. This is the warm haven away from the bass you’ve been looking for.


Un-Furnished Yurts for groups up to 6 – 

  • Locking wooden door
  • Waterproof groundsheet

*** Additional option to book electricity for your Un-Furnished Yurt during the check out, £50 per tent.

Furnished Yurt for groups up to 6 – 

As above but also including:

  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Airbeds with a fitted sheet
  • Scatter cushions
  • Tables
  • Decorative throws
  • Mirrors
  • LED lighting

*** Additional option to book electricity for your Yurt during check out, £50 per tent.

*** Additional option to book a bedding package including Duvet and Pillows during check out at £20 per person (only available for the Furnished Yurts)

Deluxe Yurts for groups of up to 4 –

As above but also including:

  • Raised memory foam mattresses
  • Bedding and pillows
  • Blankets
  • Shelving

Prices Start at  £350 for 2 people 



Woodville Project –

Managed by the ever helpful Mikey, Woodville Project are returning to Noisily for their 3rd year, providing our entry level boutique camping option housed in their bell tents.

Expect inflatable mattresses, rugs and cushions, and for those who like to spread costs and keep it cosy, you can fit up to 6 people in their 5m bell tents.


5m Bell Tents for 2 or 4 guests –

Furnished as follows:

– Airbeds or Memory Foam mattresses (Price choice)

Coir Matting, Cotton Rugs, L.E.D rope light, Battery Lamps, Floor Cushions, Bed Sheet, 13.5 Tog Duvet, Bed Linen, Pillow, Bed Cushion, Red Throw, Wooden Centre Table, Door Mat, Mirror

*** Additional option to book electricity for your Bell Tent during check out, £50 per tent.

Prices Start at  £350 for 2 people


Luxury Airstreams

Treat yourselves with one of our luxury Airstreams at Noisily. We provide everything you need for a five star boutique camping experience, including comfy beds (doubles & singles), bed linen, fluffy towels, toilet, hot shower, fully equipped kitchen, central heating, air con, a full entertainment system and a nice cold fridge! 2-5 berths available with modern or retro chic interiors. Now, rock up, unwind and enjoy your festival home! Prices from £3,950. 


Tangerine Fields Pre-Pitched Tents 

Come rain or shine, there’s no need to faff about with pegs and poles. Bright, airy and affordable, our range of tents house couples, families and groups of up to 8 people, while our bell tents offer a boutique alternative to traditional festival camping.


Whatever your choice they all have plenty of room spare to store all your weekend essentials. Or for those that like to travel light, we can fill your tent with all the kit you need to camp, from airbeds to head torches.

Better still, we’ll ensure you’re pitched with your friends no matter how big your group or how late they arrive to the party.

Let Tangerine Fields take the all hassle out of your weekend so all you have to do is turn up, move in and enjoy the festival.