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Ten Musical Marvels at Noisily

At its heart Noisily is a rave in the woods, and all hearts pump their precious blood far and wide, giving life to the far flung corners of their beings. But if the heart stops, so does everything else, which is why we look after ours in the form of quadraphonic Funktion One sound and the most stonking line up the country has ever seen. This year is no exception, and in fact it’s the best one yet. So without further ado, here are ten of the most bass heavy, psychedelic, trippy, dirty, down low, up high, vibe purveying musical marvels you’ll hear in The Coney Woods this July!

95% of tickets are now sold, so chop chop and come join the party! 🙂


1. Audio Sans Frontiers

5 years ago on the way to produce a birthday party in Belgium for our dear friend, Noisily stalwart, and Audiofile, Federico, we came upon an offer we couldn’t refuse. The Bassline Productions team, a company launched by 3 of the 4 original Noisily founders at the same meeting where the festival was born, were on the hunt for more sound to add to our arsenal, and Fede was looking to join the high fidelity speaker plane at the very same time.

It just so happened that Audio Plus, the World’s largest Funktion One rental company were selling a mountain of speakers that needed a new home. So calls and investments were made, and a week later we drove to Colchester to pick up the speakers in an extremely overloaded horse box.

Over the next few years the system was managed and tuned by our head sound genius Oz and his company Audio Feed, alongside our very own Bassline Productions in London. It journeyed to Burning Man for the Ooligan Alley Sound Camp, all around the UK and Europe, and took pride of place in The Coney Woods each July for Noisily.

Cut to present day, and whilst the system on home shores has been updated from the Resolution 4 range to the all new Evo system, the original rig has gone on to greater things.

Two years ago Fede founded Audio Sans Frontiers (, a play on Medicins Sans Frontiers, the international agency which provides medical care to people irrespective of what country they are in. Both Fede and Oz have taken incredible steps to introduce high fidelity audio to the East Coast of Africa, and the system is currently making waves in Kenya.

Local musicians and producers have been reduced to tears in front of the speakers, as they hear their music in a quality like never before, and Oz has been traveling back and forth teaching Kenyan sound engineers how to tune and manage the Funktion One system, in the hope they will spread their skills throughout East Africa.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that some of these engineers will be joining us at Noisily to tune the Evo system on our dance floors this year.


2. Shaken, not stirred…

For the best part of 3 decades Brighton based John 00 Fleming has been a figurehead of the global Trance scene, championing the genre and the artists therein through his public position as industry influencer. Alongside singing the praises of other artist’s work, he is a bonafide producer in his own right, and at Noisily this year he will be performing a rare Techno set on the Noisily Stage at 00:30 on Friday night. We are so very excited to welcome him back two years after his set on the Liquid Stage in 2016. This is one not to miss; pure heritage and home grown talent on the festival flagship! What’s not to like?


3. South Africa is undoubtedly one of the global hubs of Psy Trance, and has produced world class artists, labels and festivals that continue to dominate the scene. At Noisily we have hosted many of them, and last year Nano Records and Origin Festival founder Regan even managed the Noisily Stage. One big, happy, extremely psychedelic family!

This year one of the finest producers is landing on the Liquid Stage, and we’ve been wanting to book him for a long time. Feast your ears, on Rinkadink!



4. The Treehouse went up in 2012, the year we opened. The oldest structure on site, it’s still standing tall and strong, and this year it’s going to look even more ridiculous than ever before!

The Iron Throne of stages, this is the home of bass, not just at Noisily, but almost certainly the UK, and absolutely definitely the universe. Not up for discussion.

We have a cocktail of performers this year – Logistics, JFB, Roni Size, Stanton Warriors, Ed Solo, Far Too Loud, Bunkle – but all of these are potentially cannon fodder when compared to the duo that is…

The Chicken Brothers! BOOM.

These two are not only maestros when it comes to DJing, but they also run the gates at Noisily! So if any of you are getting stressed in the queue (which you won’t of course, because it’s extremely efficient up there, thanks for the most part to The Chicken Brothers), make sure you don’t mouth off at the window! Matt and Jamie are absolute stellar individuals, and you should 100% make sure you get up to the Treehouse for their set at 5:30pm on Saturday.


5. Speakers in all the Corners

The Parliament of Funk is an all new addition to Noisily this year, and the line up is the most diverse we have on site. With performances from well knowns and unknowns, this is the place to go if the Techno is getting too serious, the Trance too fast, or the DnB too heavy.

From Womb 2 (Women of Music Business) who will adorn the halls with female, non-binary and female identifying artists, purveying Disco, Funk, Soul, RnB and everything in between, to trippy legend Tripswitch, all the way to sonic tekkers man about town Olaf Stuut, warmed up for and by Noisily dude Mojo Filter, this is a destination stage up the hill and behind the Cocktail Bar.

6. A Less than Leisurely Pace

The Leisure Centre is the place where nothing is too much, and nothing goes too far. Where else do you get DJ’s of the following mantles…?

Spongebob Squarewave, Limited Toss, Tenbag Banditz, Gakstreet Voyz, Hurtdeer, Filthy Peasant and Rinse Charles…? Hmmm, yea, nuff said.


7. Mind, Body, Soul, Sound

We opened up our Mind Body Soul on Thursday last year, and for the first time played music for all those keen beans arriving in good time for the festival! This year we are stepping it up, and will be turning on our healing rigs from 4pm Thursday, all the way to 4am Friday! So for those of you debating whether to just come up on Friday…. don’t! Get there on Thursday and enjoy choons from festival founder Audley (that’s me, who’s writing this), Bristol based Little Thoughts, IpCress of Nanoplex, Oz the sound guy, and many more.


8. The Noisily Stage

Aside from the individuals, we have so much to celebrate on the Noisily Stage this year. After 2017, which, in all honesty, we thought was a little bit soft… we’re going harder, faster, and, well, not longer actually, still till 4am, because that’s the license.

Hatzler, Quivver, Nanoplex (because we always do), Koletzki, Yuli Fershtat, Louis Cut, Avrosse, John 00 Fleming, Audley (that’s me, go on, you know you want to), Patrice Baumel AND D-Nox & Beckers. I mean, come on! Trustathon / Sprayfest. See you on the floor!

9. Euro-Prog, the best kind of Prog.

After posting our Ten Things to Do at Noisily last week, citing the home grown talent at Noisily and how great it was that around 70% of our lineup comes from home shores, we thought we should probably mention the international community of artists joining us this year! We can’t be coming across all UKIP with our programming now can we!

On the Liquid Stage this year we have some of the biggest names in the business, and these are the ones to watch…

Egorythmia, I mean, wow!

Symbolic, what’s not to like!

Perfect Stranger, perfectly strange.

Also, Grouch, irrespective that he’s from New Zealand, but because he’s Grouch. Nuff said.

10. Progressing Furthur

We love to support our friends, and one of the closest is our old chum and Furthur Progressions label boss Hamish.

FP is the only fully fledged UK based Progressive label, and we have proudly hosted many artists from their roster over the years. 2018 is not exception, and on Liquid this year you can catch Bedders, his long standing and hilarious confidente; Multiphase, beat master, and of course Hamish himself on the Noisily Stage with a rare yet glorious Techno set at 1pm on Saturday.

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