At Noisily we believe in championing what we see as the three main forms of artistry; Music, Visual and Performance.

For the past two years the performance elements have been curated by the indomitable Foolish Rogues, a troupe headed up by our old friend Roo Jenkyn-Jones. Some 60 bodies strong, the Rogues have descended upon Coney Woods breathing three dimensional form and interactive vibrancy into all areas of the festival.


Party goers lost in the woods were caught up in the hunt, where cavemen armed with spears tracked a nubile fawn with a penchant for levitation. Stages were brought to life with voraciously stylised spectacles and vivid art personified. Bodies writhed, apparel glistened, and as one the troupe transformed the forest floor and trees above.


The collective of humanoid designers and acrobatic visionaries have an attention to detail second to none. In 2016 master craftspeople and expert aerialists came together to build an abstract pirate ship amongst the trees, flying through the canopy to the delight of the crowds below.