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. Massaura Bliss Melting Tensions & Restored massage treatments .

. Exclusive and Shared Wonderlandia Hot Tubs .

. Trewhitt’s Saturday Banquets .

. Saturday Sonic Enchantment Sound Meditation . 

. Traditional Ceremony Songs & Tobacco Ceremony with Anthar Kharana .

Generally, our Mind, Body & Soul classes & workshops are £10 + bf, and are redeemable at most of the Mind Body Soul yoga, dance, meditation, foody, crafty, arty or sound healing workshops and ceremonies.

Those that cost a little bit more are outlined below. Additionally to this some of the therapists in our Healing Spaces also offer pre-bookings through their channels. We offer a program of free workshops & talks to compliment this.


Please come and see us on site at the Mind Body Soul info hub to make bookings.

 Massaura Bliss

Our friends Massaura Bliss are back with their festival spa.

Treat Your Cells…Massaura Bliss brings you healing vibes and a range of rejuvenating treatments to suit your individual needs. Book your treatment before the festival according to the time you have available: 30min or 60min. Online bookings available between 11am – 2pm daily. Limited numbers available. For all other times please see the girls on site.

Melting Tensions  : 30 mins  – £20 (+bf)

Restored : 60 mins – £40 (+bf)

All bookings include £1.50 booking fee.

Please arrive 15 mins early to your appointment so Massaura Bliss can discuss with you and tailor your personalised session, time to enjoy a soothing foot bath and the relaxing space as you ground your energy ready to receive healing and pampering.

Their treatments are tailored to suit each visitor, integrating different techniques and creating a unique experience. Massaura Bliss ensure to create the perfect balance to restore vitality and replenish your essential energies!

Massaura Bliss brings the unique treatment of Thai Yoga and Deep Tissue four hands bodywork. Also available will be massage techniques including Swedish, Indian Head, Acupressure, Tuina, Lomi Lomi, Myofascial Release, Thai Foot Reflexology, Ayurveda and Natural Beauty to awaken and restore tired faces, feet, hands and the soul.

For more information about your needs or different techniques you may require please email

Their most popular treatments are Thai Yoga and Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage:


Is an ancient and unique form of body therapy incorporating deep stretching and rhythmic compression in a dance-like transmission of energy. Often known as ‘yoga for the lazy man’, each degree of movement will be based on natural range of movement, abilities and requirements.


These techniques can be used as separate entities if the client prefers. Swedish massage is soft and flowing and can feel very healing whilst promoting relaxation. Deep tissue is used to relieve tension and pain by working into the deeper muscles, joints and fascia. However, it is common for both techniques to complement each other when required.

Embrace the spirit of joy and bliss in togetherness, today and every day. Massaura Bliss look forward to seeing you in the woods 


Wonderlandia Hot Tubs

Wonderlandia offers you the opportunity to enjoy hot tub bliss nestled in the woods in the Mind Body Soul area. Wake up for an early morning soak or soak up the ambience in the evening, listening to the beat of the party and a crackle of the log fired burners! Crafted from Western Red Cedar these beautiful tubs will help ease any tired festival muscles. Not only do Wonderlandia care they are fastidious about of water cleaning and customer care and will make sure you have a wonderful hour of total luxury. Please arrive on time for your scheduled booking, giving 10 minutes to get ready for your hot tub experience. Time spent in the tub will be a full 50 minutes.

Exclusive Hot Tub Bookings – £150

Reserve a tub for 2 or for groups up to 6 people. Each booking receives a complimentary glass of prosecco ‘peach fizz’ for each person. Really treat yourselves and reserve a hot tub for an hour exclusively for you and a friend/partner. Or gather the troops and have a hot tub all to yourselves. Each tub fits a group of up to 6 people. All bookings are additional yet nominal £1.50 booking fee.


Shared Hot Tub Bookings – £25

Reserve your spot in a shared hot tub at your chosen time over the weekend. Each booking receives a complimentary glass of prosecco ‘peach fizz’. Each tub fits up to 6 people. All bookings are additional yet nominal £1.50 booking fee.

Hot tubs are available Friday – Sunday, 10am – 10pm.

For group and shared hot tub sessions please 


Wonderlandia ensure their tubs scrupulously clean and want to ensure your hot tub experience is safe and clean. For the benefit of all users it is vital that the following health & safety advice and terms & conditions are followed and respected at all times.

By using the tubs you agree to all the following:

Before entering the hot tub you are required to take shower before entering the hot tubs. Please ensure you wash off mud, deodorant, body paint, makeup, body lotions and especially glitter. No soaps or oils or anything else are allowed in the hot tubs!

You are required to wear swimsuits / bikinis / nothing. No underwear or clothing is allowed in the hot tubs as this leaves fibres in the water and affects the hot tubs.

Please don’t submerge your head or swallow the water. When walking around the area please wear outdoor slip on shoes (flip-flops are fine). This allows you to keep your feet clean as possible also please use the foot baths provided before getting in! Please do not run, jump, or climb between hot tubs.

The water in each hot tub is changed and cleaned throughout the day, on a daily basis. Please refrain from using the tubs if you have cut skin, ear, genital or any other infectious disease likely to be transmitted in the water.

No food or smoking is allowed in the hot tubs. And you are only allowed to use the plastic glasses provided for your complimentary drink. We also provide cold fresh drinking water for you, please stay hydrated!

You are advised to have a break from the tub after approximately 15 – 20 minutes if you wish to stay longer it is at your own risk. We maintain the water temperature between 37 and 39 degrees centigrade, please check that the temperature feels right for you before getting in.

Do not touch the wood burner unit at all it gets very, very hot. Do not open the lid or interfere with any part of the hot tubs or add wood to the fire. If you need anything please ask staff they will be about to monitor the temperature regularly.

One glass of bubbly can enhance the hot tub experience – any more than this is not advised. The heat will speed up the effect of alcohol & can cause dizziness. People who are or appear to be under the influence of drugs or too much alcohol are not to use the tubs and may be asked to leave (your booking is non-refundable so please ensure you are not over the limit!).

Abusive or outlandish behaviour towards the staff or other tub users will not be tolerated, you will be asked to leave and the session fee will not be refunded. We do not accept responsibility for injury caused by misuse of the facilities and cannot accept responsibility for missing valuables or lost clothing.

If you are taking medication or if any of the following apply to you, you should not use the hot tubs: heart disease, diabetes, migraines, stomach upset or sickness within the last 14 days, any heart or respiratory problem, any illness that can cause the inability to perspire, any serious illness, if you are taking medication or if you are pregnant you must not use the hot tubs unless you can provide us with a doctor’s letter of permission. If you feel faint, dizzy or unwell at any stage please alert staff.

Please do not take photos without first getting permission from everyone in the tub.

If we have to close a tub for any reason or are delayed in opening for any reason we will offer an alternative time slot or refund to the value of the session only.

You will be asked to read and sign a copy of the above on entering the hot tubs to acknowledge that you fully understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Trewhitt’s Saturday Banquets

Join us at our banquets and enjoy 3 – course opulent communal dining. We have 3 banquets available for you to choose from on Saturday afternoon, 24 seats available for each sitting.

1pm : 1hr seating – SOLD OUT

2.30pm : 1hr seating – SOLD OUT

4pm : 1hr seating – SOLD OUT

£30 per person (+ £1.50 bf)

The custom of banqueting is as old as the hills upon which the Coney Woods lay, and we shall be recreating these noble experiences of yesteryear in the Mind Body and Soul area.

Treat yourself and your friends by joining a table for one of our mirthful, salubrious vegetarian celebrations. Recline betwixt companions old and new, adorn yourself in finery, share a bottle and enjoy the smorgasbord created by our esteemed chefs from ‘Trewhitts’.

Ensure your Saturday starts in the best possible way by indulging in our organic, healthy and hearty food. It is traditional fare with a kick and a twist, with some ingredients which have been foraged from the surrounding hills.

Lunch shall manifest in a luxurious three courses, complete with homemade non alcoholic elderflower punch and yarns a plenty. Book your place at the table now, and we look forward to slaking your thirst, satisfying your palate, and joining you for an afternoon of culinary celebration!



Homemade non alcoholic elderflower punch


Foraged Nettle and Watercress Soup with Crusty Sourdough Bread Thyme Croutons,Cracked Pepper and a dash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Wild Mushrooms on a Sourdough with Foraged Wild Garlic and Almond Pesto on a bed of Rocket


Crushed Walnuts and Cashews with Caramelised Red Onions, Green Puy Lentils in a Coriander and Spinach Cream in a Puff Pastry Parcel with a Red Wine Onion Gravy, Pan fried Herby Broccoli, Braised Red Cabbage and Rosemary Roasted Potatoes


Beetroot and Summer Squash in a Rich White Wine and Mint Tomato Sauce Pie with a Red Wine Onion Gravy, Pan fried Herby Broccoli, Braised Red Cabbage and Rosemary Roasted Potatoes


Spiced Apple and Blackberry Crumble with a Vanilla and Raisin Custard


Chocolate Lava Cake with a Deep Cacao Apple Sauce and Summer Fruit Compote

£30 per person (+ £1.50 bf)

Sonic Enchantment 

with Fabio Garces

Saturday 6 – 8pm

£20 per person (+ bf)

Sonic Enchantment FB page

Merging a background in music production and sound engineering, Fabio Garces has spent the last 7 years researching the field of cymatics, acoustic therapies, solfeggio frequencies and ancient South and Central American shamanic sound healing practices, to develop an approach that combines modern music technology with ancient sound healing along with meditation.

The result is an inspired and deeply moving musical and sound meditation, multimedia experience which takes the listener through a series of layers of underground electronica, binaural beats, ambient music, hypnotic melodies, ethereal soundscapes and subtle ancient shamanic rhythms, resulting in deeper inner connection and a positive state of mind. The resulting effect serves to create personal experiences that span a wide range of transformative benefits such as restoration and the re-emergence of balance and inner calm.

The solfeggio and other naturally occurring frequencies are based on natural harmonics, which can help rebalance the mind, body & soul. Benefiting the body’s energy field, bones, and DNA. They also help tune us in with nature and more deeply with our intuition. Which is key in navigating the energetic shift currently occurring on the planet.

These sound baths will enable you to release old patterns that no longer serve you, create new ones and re-tune your energetic field. 111Hz is a key frequency of the solfeggio and this will be played in many forms. It promotes endorphin-release and a deeper state of balance. These group experiences are called “Sound baths” because you are bathed in sound, while lying comfortably on the floor.

Stress melts away, while the brain moves into Alpha and Theta states, triggering sympathetic nervous system response that lowers blood pressure, slows the heart rate, relieves pain, and many other physical benefits related to deep relaxation.

If you can, please bring something to lay down upon (a yoga mat or sleeping bag), pillows/cushion and/or a blanket for extra comfort. The floor of the space is a rug but the more comfortable you are the better.

We recommended you are well hydrated.

Early arrival is also recommended to get a good place.

There will be a guided relaxation meditation at the beginning and an integrating and grounding meditation at the end of the sound healing journey.

There are limited spaces available for Sonic Enchantment, book early to ensure your spot. 

Traditional Ceremony Songs 

& Tobacco Ceremony

with Anthar Kharana

University of Life

Saturday : 8 – 11pm

£20 per person (+£1.50 bf)

In this workshop Anthar Kharana from Colombia will be sharing the power of traditional songs used in different ceremonies of the Americas as a way to pray and consciously create and manifest our visions. These songs connects us with the spirit world including the animals of power or Nahuals.

Following the circle join Anthar for the first of two Tobacco Ceremonies. Tobacco Ceremony is one of the Sacred ways of the Americas to help people to connect with their ancestors and deepen on the ancient ways of praying to the Spirits of Nature to create the life they want. During the ceremony people will receive 4 types of medicines that come from the Grandfather Tobacco, prepared by Anthar each one of them with a purpose and a role within the ceremony as well as praying to different animals of power related to the day of the ceremony.

Anthar is an international Sound Practitioner and also an empiric musician from a long lineage of musicians in his family. He is also a Guardian of traditions and medicines of the Americas, guided by wise Elders from his Homeland from an early age, carrying their words alongside his work worldwide. As a Sundancer and Chanupa Carrier (traditions of the North of the Americas) he is one of the Sons of the alliance of the Eagle and Condor, a New Nation united by the agreement of the Elders of the North and South America to become One.

Anthar has been traveling around Europe for 14 Years sharing different wisdom and lighting the fires in the hearts of people through his workshops, concerts, ceremonies, therapies and retreats. He is the Director of Tribal Sound Healing here in the UK and recently he has co-created the first school of sound healing in Scotland ANSU School of Sound & Tribal Healing Arts.

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