. Little Thoughts .

. Fluxsmith .

. Audley .

. Ipcress .

. lu:sid .


Thursday : 7pm – 1am

Little Thoughts

Thursday : 7 – 8pm

Fusing the fresh with the warm, Little Thoughts weaves scores to stomp to, vibes to chill with, and everything in between. Arthur is a producer from Bristol with an acute ear for detail, his music takes in elements from the depth and breadth of Electronica, fusing House, Techno, Drum and Bass, Glitch and anything else which takes his fancy. He will be performing a number of times throughout the weekend in the Mind Body Soul area, and specifically opening up for our Thursday night party. Catch him from midnight on Friday throughout the night.  

Little Thoughts has previously played at many festivals and events across the UK and abroad, such as InSpiral, Glade,Ozora, Whirl-y-Gig, Tribe of Frog, SGP and a host of others. He is very excited to be bringing his unique sounds and vibe to the Mind, Body and Soul area at Noisily this year and so are we.


Thursday:  8 – 9pm

The new and top secret alias of a dormant DJ and producer, Fluxsmith will be debuting his new material for your listening pleasure on Thursday. Expect elements of House, Techno and a wee dram of Psychedelia thrown in for good measure.


Thursday : 9 – 10.15pm

Audley is a DJ of Techno, co-founder of Noisily Festival and general harvester of beats. His sets range from deep and soulful to high energy chunk. On Thursday he’ll be exploring both, taking the reigns from Fluxsmith and building up the basslines to hand over to Ipcress after the sun has set.


Thursday : 10.15 – 11.30pm

Ipcress is one half of Techno duo and Noisily residents Nanoplex, and also the festival’s Marketing manager. He has been playing at festivals and events across the globe for over 15 years, and no one is more suited to ramp it up towards the finale of our Thursday night warm up.


Thursday : 11.30pm – 1am

lu:sid is Fabio Garces, an expert in sound healing and sonic enchantment His multicultural upbringing between Colombia, New York and Costa Rica has shaped the development of a truly unique sound. Based in London, he is constantly experimenting and developing ways to merge psycho-acoustic knowledge with hypnotic underground rhythms. Fabio will be taking the reigns for the final set of the night on Thursday, taking the crowd on a shamanic journey down from the weighty heights of Techno and Deep House, through binaural beats and and hypnotic frequencies played through the surround sound Funktion One sound system. Lowering the tempo and manipulating the soundscape to play on the senses, bringing the vibes down and sending the revelers off into the campsite feeling invigorated ahead of the festival opening on Friday morning.

As part of this performance there is also a visual element which has been created to compliment the sound journey.


. Myths and Music with Daniel & Lally .

. Bamboo Smoke .

. Omnivibes .

. Decompression Session with lu:sid .

Among the Wild Deer Myths and Music

with Daniel Allison & Lally

Mind Body Soul Stretch Tent

Sunday : 2 – 4pm

Lie back, cosy up and dream together as storyteller-musician Daniel Allison and folk singer Lally take you on a voyage to meet serpent-queens and jaguar-men, Orkney-fairies and horny widows.

Daniel and Lally weave together myths, legends and folk-tales from around the world with folk song and music on hand-pan (hang drum), didgeridoo, jaw harp, singing bowls and Mongolian overtone-singing. Depending on where the mood takes us, we might visit Scotland or Siberia, Africa or Amazonia; we may meet fire-spirits or eagle-people, the knights of Camelot or the makers of dreams. Having performed separately at many festivals including Boom and Eden before meeting at Noisily and joining forces, you can trust these two to create a space where you can lie back, bliss out and discover why it is never a good idea to play the beheading game.      

A relaxing, soothing and uplifting experience for those who want or need respite from the dancefloors, a high-quality performance of traditional stories and music.

Bamboo Smoke

Saturday : 9.45 – 10.30pm

Two humans blending voice, bass & beats.

Bamboo Smoke is a collaboration between vocalist-lyricist Louise and musician-producer Tom, drawn together to cast light and play with shadows. Mixing live instrumentation, soulful vocals and layered, warped production.

They met on a rooftop, in the blue light of summer evenings in the city. Their first tunes were recorded in a garage-bedroom-studio among tall pines, no signal out there. Lyrics scrawled on trains – there’s something about being in transit. Snatches of dreams, the look in a stranger’s eye, capturing fragments to fold playfully into smoky undertones and hazy soundscapes.


Paul Jackson is a sitarist; guitarist; composer and performer.

He has a unique contemporary take on traditional classical Indian Ragas which are infused with Delta-Blues played on sitar. Interchanged with original multi-style songs on guitar, complemented with emotive vocals. Catch him in the Mind Body Soul area at various times over the weekend.

               Decompression Session with lu:sid

Sunday – 10pm – midnight

As the dance floors close for the last time in 2017 in Coney Woods and as you make your way back up the woodland staircase to the Mind Body Soul area, join Fabio who will be performing his final lu:sid experience via the medium of a Decompression Session

It will be a journey that will start with deep techno rhythms so we can continue at the energy level of the dance stages. Then moving into downtempo hypnotic and shamanic beats. Eventually and gradually this sound journey will guide us into a deep relaxation and restoration experience.

There will also be immersive visuals that have been created to complement this experience. The whole journey will be 2 hours and will slow down the vibration utilising binaural frequencies and shamanic sounds to help restore you and bring balance, a transformative transition to stillness and calm.

Here is a taste of what you can expect from this specially produced sound and dance experience which has been created specially for the Mind Body Soul area at Noisily