Kosmicaid, formerly KosmicCare UK, is a service dedicated to helping people who are undergoing difficult, drug-related experiences at festivals and music events.

Open 24 hours – located in Mind Body & Soul


We are delighted to welcome Kosmicaid back to Noisily again this year. This incredible team of people create a safe haven for those who have aimed for the sky and landed amongst the stars. If you or anyone you know needs support, or you witness someone struggling please ensure a member of the Kosmicaid team are aware their help is needed. You can do this by going up to their tent located in the Mind Body Soul area, alternatively find someone close-by with a radio.

Kosmicaid do much more than inform the public about harm reduction and drug interactions; they complement traditional welfare by specialising in cases where psychedelic drugs are involved and handling patients appearing psychotic or paranoid as a result of drug use. People in those conditions are in a fragile, vulnerable state of mind and in need of sensitive handling to safeguard their long term mental health. Their unique skill set allows hospital referrals and chemical sedation to be avoided.

Entheogens catalyse a rapid connection with the deepest parts of our psyche. They have played a pivotal role in the spiritual practices of many cultures, historically taken in a socially integrated context with the support of shamans or priests. These days we are left alone with our unpredictable emotions and the sometimes terrifying visions of the collective unconscious. At modern gatherings and festivals people often push boundaries, and it is here that we need to give support. Kosmicaid do not encourage the use of any illegal substances. They are non-judgemental, not pro or against any personal choices. They are just here to care.

They have the support of a range of incredible volunteers including youth/community workers, psychiatric nurses, psychologists, drug workers, nurses, Reiki masters, healers, art and dance therapists and practitioners of many other alternative care services. All are chosen for their personal festival experience, professional training, life experience and their friendly approachable manner and dedication, with knowledge of event goers needs.


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