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Accessibility and Assistance Welcome and FAQ’s

Hello and welcome to our Disability Access and Assistance Information pages.  In this section of the website you will find the following pages;

If you have read all the information and want to apply for;

  • Accessible Camping
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  • Personal Assistant Ticket

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Disability Access And Assistance FAQs


Q – I want to come to the event but want to make sure that I will be able to access the site, before I buy a ticket, what can I do?
A – Firstly please read the ‘Disability Access and Assistant Information’ page here, the ‘Personal Assistant Accessible Camping and Access Application Process’ page here and these FAQs.  If you do not find the information you need to help you make a decision, please fill in the application form and add your query here.

Q – I am waiting to hear if my access needs can be catered for and the ticket prices have gone up or sold out, what can I do?
A – We will make sure you pay the price of the ticket as it was at date you applied and anyone who applied for a ticket before we sold out will still be given one, we keep a small reserve for such cases.

Q – Is all of your site accessible by wheelchair?
A – Wheelchair users can access the arena and we are looking into solution to enable wheelchair users or those with any other mobility or issues to access the Mind Body Soul Area

Q – Is the Live In vehicle field accessible?
A – The live in Vehicle field is at the top of the site, adjacent to the car park, it is on flat ground and is accessible form the road next to the box office.

Q – Is the Mind Body Soul Area accessible?
A – We are currently looking into how anyone with Access Needs can access the Mind Body Soul area.

The MBS area is accessible from the main campsite. There is a direct step-less route from Accessible Camping to the MBS but it does involve a short, quite steep hill.

We are not normally allowed any “vehicles” to access or go through public camping, where the MBS is located. We are looking into the option of using a site buggy for such journeys to assist those with access needs, We will update you when we have more information.

Q – Do you have access camping?
A – Yes we do.

Q – Is there a limit on space in the accessible campsite?
A – we currently have an adequately sized campsite, the only limit we have to impose is on too many campervans and personal assistants having an additional large live in vehicle.  That said the latter can usually be catered for.

Q – Can I have my campervan or caravan in the Accessible camping?
A – Yes you can, due to the long narrow nature of the accessible campsite, there are limitations on size. We are looking into the specifics for you.

Q – Where is your accessible campsite?
A – The campsite is located near our production compound next to a track which leads into the arena; The track is hard standing and is usable by wheelchairs.

Q  – Can I camp in public camping?
A –  You are of course very welcome to camp in either the public camping or the live in vehicle field. Once we have understood your needs we can advise if this would be suitable for you.

Q – Do I have to pay for a campervan ticket?
A – Yes, everyone has to buy a pass for their live in vehicle or caravan.

Q – My friends are camped in the campervan field, can you assist me getting there?
A – We can usually work with the team to get you a lift up to the live in vehicle field.


Q – I need to refrigerate my medicine, can you provide me with power for this?
A – We can normally accommodate this, please give us more details when you apply and we will respond on a case by case basis.

Q – Do you have access toilets onsite? Where are they and how many do you have?
A – We have three accessible toilets on site, one in the access camping area, one in the Mind Body Soul Area and one in the Arena.

Q- Do I need a special wristband to access the Accessible camping?
A – Yes, when you get to accreditation we will provide you with a wristband that allows you to get out of the arena using the production route which leads you to the accessible campsite.

Q – When and how will my personal assistant receive their ticket?
A – We aim to send them out by mid June, If you haven’t got it by the 18th, you can contact us through through the Personal Assistant Application Form here.

Q – Can I park my car next to my tent in accessible camping?
A – As space is limited, we cannot let you park your car in the accessible campsite, although we will look at any requests on an individual basis.

Q – Can I drive my car with my equipment to the campsite?
A- No but we will arrange for a buggy to carry your equipment down.

Q – I  have already bought a ticket for myself and cannot attend without the assistance of carer, how can i apply for a free ticket for them?
A – To apply for a ticket for you and your carer or personal assistant you need to go to fill out our application form here

Q – I have issues with my ticket, who do I speak to?
A – Please contact our ticket Agents Eventbrite or Ticket Sellers (for Deposit Scheme Tickets).

Thankyou and see you in the woods!!

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