Free Workshops

. Myth as Medicine : Storytelling Workshop with Daniel Allison .

. Capoeira Workshops with Olho .

. CBT Integrative Mindfulness Workshop with Monica Gomes-Youens .  

. Massaura Bliss Massage Workshop with Guided Meditation .

. Drum Circle Workshops with Djembejam .

. Festival Totum Making Workshops with Elspeth & Christina .

. Slackline Workshops with the Dirty Slackers  .

. Stargazing with Dr Ben Burningham .

. Sacred Singing Circle with Ben Ben .

. Shamanic Shenanigans and Mindful Moments with Fiona Massari .

. Body Decorating with MGMA Glitter .

Myth as Medicine

with Daniel Allison

The University of Life

Saturday : 4 – 6pm

For as long as we have been human we have told stories. Sat around fires in caves and within ancient temples; in longhouses, feasting halls and forests we have passed stories to one another and around the world. Individual stories have weathered ice ages and the rise and fall of empires; they have travelled from South Africa to Siberia and from India to Ireland, shifting in form but retaining their essential nature.
The purpose of telling these stories is not simply to entertain. These myths are medicine. Whether their wisdom comes cloaked in the guise of talking horses, fairy changelings or winged snakes, stories have the power to speak directly to each of us and to what is happening in our own lives, right now.

During this workshop, Scottish storyteller Daniel Allison will introduce the group to a selection of ancient, beautiful and powerful myths and legends. We will use the stories as mirrors to reflect and illuminate the challenges we face as individuals, as cultures and as a species. Participants will learn a process which enables them to work with any story before carrying the tales away with them, as gifts to share and as travelling companions on their wanders through the wild woods.

Capoeira Angola

Performance and Workshops with Olho

Resistance, Movement and Music

Friday – Sunday : 2 – 4pm

Olho is the Capoeira name of Joe Bennett, a capoeirista from Brighton, with over 16 years experience of training Capoeira.

He started training Capoeira in 2000 and was instantly captivated by the combination of martial arts, dance and music. Through the study and practice of Capoeira he began a journey that he is still on today.

He has trained in all three main styles of Capoeira. Capoeira Regional, Capoeira Contemporânea and Capoeira Angola. For the past 8 years he has focused on Capoeira Angola, the traditional form of Capoeira. Especially for Noisily this year he has gathered a troupe to share this practice with you.

People taking part in these Capoeira workshops will develop skills and knowledge that will enhance their physical and mental health and overall quality of life. Through the practice of Capoeira participants will develop their sense of confidence, self-awareness, social and cultural awareness within a safe, playful and supportive environment. The strong focus on group work and activities also promote social inclusion and community participation.

Many of the movements in Capoeira Angola are dynamic, including acrobatic, dance and martial. Applying all of these together creates the ‘Jogo de Capoeira.’

Capoeira Angola classes focus on movement and music. In a typical class we will cover aspects of movement that will range from basics to more advanced as the class progresses. Many of the movements learnt will be applied to pair work, to encourage communication and connection for the ‘jogo’ game where 2 people will play Capoeira together in the ‘roda’ circle.

Music is also a very important part of Capoeira Angola, as the ritual of the roda needs great music to facilitate great games. Activities are multidisciplinary by nature and include movement, music (percussion and singing), the study of Afro-Brazilian heritage and craft.

Amazonas Arts was founded and is made up of individuals who have been studying capoeira and related art forms for many year. They have come together as a result of realising the positive impact this practice has had on their lives and wanting to share this with others and help improve quality of life.

They come from wide ranging walks of life and bring knowledge and experience from various academic and professional backgrounds. The thrust of their work is rooted in values of self-help, community ownership, learning and development.

CBT Integrative Mindfulness 

with Monica Gomes-Youens

 The University of Life

Friday : 11am – 1pm

Monica is currently completing a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Integrative Mindfulness at the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. She works as a private carer working with people with dementia and uses techniques such as cognitive stimulation to increase wellbeing and self-confidence. Monica has been living in Hertfordshire since 2003 but was born in Lisbon, Portugal. The one and only Boom Festival has been her playground and inspiration. 

This interactive workshop will provide you with an introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy using socratic questioning to demonstrate the power of suggestion. Group discussion will open up ideas of what higher consciousness and mindfulness is. By acknowledging feelings, thoughts and emotions this workshop will give you the tools to break behavioural patterns and look at the ways we can transform negative self-hypnosis into a productive problem solving attitude.

Massaura Bliss

Massage Workshop

with Guided Meditation

The University of Life

Friday : 5.30 – 7pm

Massaura Bliss will be hosting the “Treat Your Cells Massage Workshop” to encourage Noisily Festival goers to get involved with the process of helping one another to feel better.

This workshop represents a great opportunity to explore and learn about the world of healing and body-work.

We are all already powerful creators. By tuning into each others’ needs, we can perceive points of tension and together with some helpful techniques we can disperse the stress, allowing Chi and wellbeing to naturally flow in a balanced way. Tensions are an important checkpoint for us to discover our truest needs. Let’s use our bodies as treasure maps to our true potential.

People will work in pairs to practice the movements on one another and learn where to look for tightness and how to resolve common tensions. We will be covering Thai Yoga movements for an overall assessment of the body followed by more localised deep tissue work on the fascia of the back, neck and shoulders and also include some acupressure points.

Finally, we will conclude with the ancient art of reflexology, allowing relaxation, balance in the body’s various systems and healthy blood circulation.

If you have any questions about Massaura Bliss or the treatments, or if you would like to try some oils, this is also the perfect opportunity to meet the team and gain a better understanding of the lush treatments their woodland mobile spa can offer. Come along with a partner if you can but if you don’t have one, Massaura Bliss will make sure there is a pair of hands for you to swap with. Play and join the massage circle of healing energies – WE ARE ONE.

Drum Circle Workshop

with Djembejam

Around the Sacred Fire

Saturday : 4 – 6pm

Sunday : 8 – 10pm

Djembejam loves nothing more than taking drums to festivals and drumming with wonderful people. They will be drumming and lifting the vibe as the sun sets and the night begins in the Mind, Body & Soul field, with lots of spare drums for people to join in. Going back to our tribal roots and connecting with each other through live rhythm and trance. Relaxing, energising and engaging to create our own elevating music.

‘Rhythm is a heartbeat. It’s the first drum, a story in sound that reveals our imagination and celebrates our power.’

Tony Vacca

Festival Totum Making Workshops

with Elspeth & Christina

Friday – Sunday : 12.30pm & 3pm

(1.5 hours)

This year we are very excited to announce our totem making workshops, two sessions daily that are free for all our festival goers to enjoy. The workshops will be taught by the very talented Elsbeth Cheshire and Christina Meler Tevar. You will be guided through the process of making your very own totem with all materials supplied for you. The workshop will begin with a live demo showing you how to use a number of creative techniques that incorporate drawing, painting and lighting design. Materials include fairy lights so your wacky creations can look even more spectacular at night. Seize the opportunity to create your very own rave stick. Enjoy!  

Slack-line Workshops

with the Dirty Slackers

In the woods Friday – Sunday : 2 – 5pm

The Dirty Slackers will be hosting slack-lining workshops every afternoon in the Mind, Body and Soul area. Offering the opportunity for people to explore, develop and show-off their balancing skills. Slack-lining has become a popular sight at festivals, beaches, parks and parties across the globe. It has become recognised as an excellent way to exercise the body and focus the mind. Similar to tightrope walking however the webbing is flat and stretchy which gives it a feel more similar to a trampoline. Due to this dynamic nature it can be used to perform a variety of tricks as well as static poses, yoga and meditation.

Slack-lining is not only fun but also really good work out. It works on all the core muscles in a relaxed and soft way. If your party gets a bit hectic slack-line can be a great way to bring oneself back to the centre and restore harmony.

The team will be at hand to hold your hand, offer advice, administer encouragement and applaud your success.

Warning: Slacking is highly addictive. NB. The workshop will not take place in the event of rain or high winds for safety reasons.

In the unlikely event of personal injury The Dirty Slackers accept no liability. A sign displaying a disclaimer for the festival, its organisers and The Dirty Slackers will be displayed clearly during the workshop sessions.


with Dr Ben Burningham

In association with Black Rock Observatory

The Universe is coming to Noisily. Coney Henge links the most ancient kind of astronomical observatory with the newest.  Stop by after dark to take a peak through these magnificent telescopes at planets, ancient star clusters, and distant galaxies, guided by professional astrophysicists. Hangout for a beautiful moon or sun rise framed by the carefully designed henge.

Dr Ben Burningham is fresh back from working at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California. While not science-ing hard, he collaborated with the Black Rock Observatory to bounce 2 million-year-old photons into the brains of passers by at Burning Man.  Now back in the UK, at the University of Hertfordshire, he develops cutting edge tools to study the atmospheres of alien worlds beyond our own Solar system.  He’s excited to be sharing some of the most awesome sights of the Universe with you.

He may even let you touch his space rocks. 

Sacred Singing Circle

with Ben Ben 

Around the Sacred Fire

Friday : 11pm

Sunday : 6pm

Ben Ben hails from the Rainbow Family.  At Noisily he will be taking the helm of two workshops based upon sacred songs collated from around the world, playing guitar and teaching participants the lyrics.  Participants are invited to sing, drum, clap, dance, meditate and join in, whilst all are welcome to bring songs to share.

Ben was taught his craft in India by Sannyasins. He learned to meditate, play guitar and sing Indian Bhajans and Osho songs from the age of 5.  He became a Sannyasin at the age of 7 and joined the music group at the Ashram in Pune, India.  From the age of 19 Ben Ben travelled the world, adding to his Indian repertoire with learnings from the South American medicine tradition, and the main fire of the Rainbow Gatherings.

He leads sacred singing circles regularly in London at The Hive, and at many festivals such as Wasinga, Glastonbury, Shambala, Spirit Fest and Small World.  The songs are a beautiful gift, and the hope is that when you hear them they will seem familiar, even though you may never have heard them before. 

Join Ben Ben at Noisily, and engage with the beauty and harmony of his passion.

Shamanic Shenanigans and Mindful Moments

with Fiona Massari

Mind Body and Soul Roaming

Midday – 2pm daily

Open up and explore the internal connection of the mind and the body. Shamanic Shenanigans and Mindful Moments explores imaginative journeys out of body or balancing and rooting meditations, focussing on the sensations within the body. Roaming the Mind Body and Soul area midday – 2pm daily, catch them by the fire or in the woods.

Body Decorating

with MGMA Glitter

Good Vibrations Tipi

Friday : 2 – 3pm

How we decorate our bodies is an expression of our identities, body painting is one of the oldest forms of expression, it was used to represent your tribe… to strengthen connections with the humans around you… and to show your connection with the earth.

Come and celebrate creativity and individuality with us through adorning your body in a natural and alternative way. Paint each other with our natural, vegan paints, decorate your face and body with our pressed flowers, foraged from the English countryside and the meadows of Bulgaria, or make yourself into a sparkly wonder with our biodegradable glitter.

Come and join us in creative freedom and leave a walking piece of earthly art!

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