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. Love Specs present The Love Lounge .

. SmallWorld Urbanism presents Artopia .

. Coppice and Canvas .

. Loving Low Carbon Living with Jopsyhenia Low Carbon Econimeade .

Love Specs present…

The Love Lounge

Change your perception, change the world!

Bling your Lovespecs Workshop

Friday – Sunday : midday

We are thrilled Love Specs are joining us again this year to support of their incredible charity.

Love Support Unite is a sustainable grassroots charity that tackles the causes of poverty holistically. They work with Malawian communities on projects that elevate people from poverty, by enabling self-sufficiency, through education, enterprise, health, & permaculture.

Love Specs fund LSU and they might be how they met you or how you found out about them! Love Specs make friends and show you that love is all around. So far, the sale of over 10 000 pairs have helped dreams become a reality in Malawi. Love Specs are endorsed by incredible festivals and artists, the perfect party accessory, which is why they’ve been lucky enough to make friends at festivals all over the world who have continued to support LSU and are part of the extended Love Specs family.

Come and find them at the Love Lounge, a beautiful chill out spot for you to get comfy and find out what they’re all about!

Workshops to BLING your Love Specs midday Friday – Sunday!

SmallWorld Urbanism presents…


A space for upcycling, permaculture, music and art

Smallworld Urbanism is a network of artists, crafters, gardeners, urban planners, makers, and musicians, based in South East London. They run workshops, events and create garden installations which combine art, reclaimed materials and a collaborative DIY attitude that brings people and creativity together.

For Mind, Body and Soul they are creating an art garden called Artopia which will be located in front of Trewhitts, a space where everyone can get involved, experiment and play with ideas. SmallWorld Urbanism take inspiration from nature and each other, understanding the value of community, everyone bringing their own unique designs, philosophies and passions. They will be hosting a variety of workshops and experimental sessions in gardening, making, art, music and discussions about community space in the city, urban design & architecture and the importance of green, social, creative places.

Donation Based.

Upcycling, making and DIY with waste wood, pallets and other materials

Gardening and permaculture: Talk and intro to permaculture principals, then practical session: Learn about Nutrient cycles/Food forests/Microclimates/soil and microorganisms, versus industrial agriculture and modern industrial food and chemical systems, plus material systems, waste and circular economy

Music: Hip-hop workshops with Jamming sessions

Art: Graffiti workshop/ Art workshop: experiment with a range of media, paint something, spray something

Creativity in the City, small creative actions in the urban realm: discussion and talk, info session with urban planners, makers and gardeners

Based in Brixton this brilliant social enterprise aims to empower and inspire people by bringing nature, art and their collaborative imagination to urban spaces. They have an online shop of unique arts and crafts and hold regular art auctions to support their local artists and craftists. If you’re passing through Brixton be sure to check out their community art space in Brixton Market.

Coppice and Canvas

Coppice and Canvas welcomes you all into their beautiful yurt to explore and play at their creation station. Packed with funky feathers, pom poms, paints and glitter, they provide a safe cosy space for you to design and make your festival headpiece whilst sipping on their warm revitalising tea and munch on homemade cake. Come and spread happiness, rest and recuperate. This space was born in the Calais Refugee Camp, ‘The Jungle’ and supported 400 refugees daily. A percentage of the proceeds will go directly to help those refugees restart their lives here in the UK. Everyone is welcome.

Coppice and Canvas is a Tent and Event Collective based in the South West. They create unique spaces for events. These spaces are also used for handcraft workshops, run by some of the countries top craftsmen and women.

Loving Low Carbon Living

Friday Saturday Sunday

Good Vibrations Tipi: 5 – 6pm

*Donations for materials are Welcome *

Whilst a whole lots of turmoil gathers around the globe, take time to turn your attention to positive steps you can take to tip the scales, honing in on low impact living and sustainably steering your life. Jopsyhenia Low Carbon Econimeade provides a panoply of planet – protecting practises to help inspire and ethical implementation.

From lip balm brewing to hemp seed hewing, plastic-free endeavours, to upcycling measures come and sit in sustainable seminar and create in crafty classed together each afternoon.

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