Artistry, creativity and self expression are three of the core values at the heart of Noisily Festival. The picturesque woodland provides a naturally inspirational canvas for our community of artists, and year on year as the tribe has expanded, so has the scope and horizon for collaborative creation.

Walking around Coney Woods will not only plunge you through the looking glass into a world of interactive installations, vibrant colours and sensicle stimulation; but by diving into the fray you too will become part of the bigger picture. Artistic license is yours, so it’s up to you to drive it home – be the art, adorn in your finest attire, represent your tribe proudly and openly. Self expression is key.  


From the foliage of the forest floor, rising skywards up the imposing trunks to the canopy above, you will encounter surreal and fantastical creations, plucked from your dreams and thrust into your reality. Your imagination will embark on a wild journey through colour, light, kinaesthesia and the surreal; each corner you turn providing a new delight, playing on your senses, evocative, emotive, inspirational, sublime.