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10 Hidden Gems at Noisily 2018

We’ve mused about music, we’ve alluded to art, we’ve even harked to the holistic heaven that is our Mind Body Soul. But what of the hidden underbelly of Noisily, those deep mysterious echelons that are regaled as legend by those who made it in and experienced the mystique? Did it actually happen? Was it there, or was it a figment of their imagination? Who knows!? Probably not even us actually, there’s just so much that comes into being in the Coney Woods no one person is completely in the loop. Although our Ops Manager Sarah is almost certainly the most informed amongst us.


  1. 1.Water water everywhere, and plenty of drops to drink!

This may not sound that exciting at surface level, but we are really very excited about it, and you should be too! After a not-insignificant and at times arduous exchange with Severn Trent, we have, finally, got our all new water supply installed. The new pipe is so girthy that we are able to pump the life giving nectar around site in enormously increased volume, meaning more water points and more pressure. This is genuinely exciting, because it means we can take the step away from single use plastic bottles being sold anywhere on site, and all you wonderful party makers can slake your thirst at every bend. Hurrah!


  1. 2.The Beehouse Stage

Last year an all new stage appeared in site, just to the left of the staircase from the festival floor to our Mind Body Soul area. Having discovered a ground nest of woodland bees, we decided to simply put a sign up letting people know they were safe and friendly, rather than taking excessive and damaging action to the colony. They need protecting just as much as you do, maybe even more actually.

Next to the warning sign, a secondary line up poster was affixed, and over the course of the next 48 hours the best punners from around the Globe added to the line up, and with artists such as The Bee Gees, Beeyonce, JF-Bee and Sting, it was by far and away the most diverse and big hitting stage on site! This year we’re booking The Bee52’s and Bee Bee King…


  1. 3.The Photographers

We have honed our festival Photography Team to a set of absolute ninjas, who will be stealing little pieces of your soul throughout the weekend for us to gawp at for the next 12 months.

Keep your eyes peeled and your poses ready, give it your all, and give it all of your neighbour’s all too if they’re not focussing. Nick, Samantha, Christophe and Jake are party of the family, and they will be on hand to capture the magic you guys are making. Snap!


  1. 4.Multum in Parvo

Latin for “a lot in a little”, and also the slogan for Noisily’s neighbouring county, Rutland, we’re commandeering it for our micro stages. But in particular the African Beat Nices Vibes Stage, which, as the name suggest, plays African Beats, and will most probably have some really good vibes. See you there, if you can find it!


  1. 5.Power Ballads

At 10am on Saturday you all might be feeling a little worse for wear, and what better to lift the spirits at a festival where discerning Electronic Music is the order of the day, than a whole 2 hours in the Mind Tent in our Mind Body Soul area dedicated to the greatest power ballads of all time!? This is a mandatory singalong, so please, swot up on all the classics, and no mumbling at any point will be permitted!


  1. 6.Would you like a curry with that ethical sourced handbag?

There’s a lot to shop for at Noisily, and this year we’ve got more trinkets and wears than ever before, with a variety spanning everything from vintage and vagabond to futuristic space age garms, and even a shop selling musical instruments, should you feel so inclined to pick up or hone an existing talent!?

One of the most exciting shops is sandwiched in between the Indian Kitchen and Burger Theory, two of our food traders, and is but a modest 2m wide! Blink and you’ll miss it, but for the 2m of width it has 8 of depth, so there’ll be something in there which’ll tickle your fancy, and if not, then grab a bhaji and be on your way!


  1. 7.The Friend Zone

If you lose your friends, or perhaps didn’t have any in the first place (at the festival we mean, not in real life), then simply make your way to one of our ‘Friend Meeting Points’, and, much like you would wait for a bus, wait for a new friend. Simples!

They may even behave like busses, and come all at once. Then you’ll go from zero to hero in a matter of moments, and you can trundle off into the woods, prancing like a fawn, sprinkling love dust into people’s faces and generally having a rollocking good time!

Our FMP’s will be dotted around site, and it may even be that you get bored of your old friends and want some new ones, so that’s an option too. Explore them all. Toodles.


  1. 8.You Guys, awe, YOU GUYS!

You lot are all gems in our eyes, swoon. So show a bit of self love alongside that love you’re dishing out to each other. N.B. This refers to the plutonic, asexual kind of self love, we do not want any indecent exposure thank you very much. Not till after the watershed at least, which is 9pm, just FYI… 😉


  1. 9.James, the 5th Element, The Enigma.

James is one of the Noisily Directors, and also one of the founders of Liquid Records. He’s a very nice chap, but sometimes he forgets where he is on account of his age. So if you do see him wandering aimlessly towards the out of bounds areas, or talking to an inanimate object which he seems to think is a person, please alert the nearest steward and DO NOT try and approach him.

Thank you for your cooperation, we appreciate it.


  1. 10.Alternative Merch, if the glove fits…  

This year we have got some really splendid garms, but we wanted to go further than the standard T-shirt jumper combo. So, we have journeyed to both India and Bali to have blocks cut and fabric rolled out, and at Noisily this year there will be Turquoise Paisley Print Noisily Shirts, fuschia leggings for men and women, AND a rather special set of underpants available for both women and men. We expect you all to be fully clad in your merch by Saturday at midday at the very latest!=


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